In order to have driving lessons you must:

  • Be aged 17 or older (16 or over if disabled)

  • Hold a driving licence that is valid for the UK (provisional, full or an appropriate foreign licence)

It is your responsibility to provide your instructor with proof that you have a valid licence to drive before the commencement of your first driving lesson.  If you fail to provide this proof, your instructor is entitled to refuse to conduct the driving lesson but may still charge you for such driving lesson.





ABC operates its website and its contact centre in order to allow you, the customer, to purchase driving lessons packages with an ABC driving instructor. You can pay for driving lessons in advance via one of the following methods:

As part of its booking service, ABC will confirm and agree that the following shall apply to all pre-paid bookings:

  • Your funds will be held in a designated Client Account keeping them separate from the trading assets and liabilities of ABC;

  • Your funds held in the Client Account will only be used to pay your instructor on a lesson by lesson basis once each lesson has been delivered to you;

  • Payment from your funds to the instructor for lessons delivered will only be made in circumstances where you have not raised a dispute with ABC in line with the policy detailed below;

  • Following delivery of each driving lesson, your instructor will confirm to ABC that the driving lesson has been delivered and, subsequently, ABC will send you an email (to the most recent email address you have provided to ABC at the time). The email will detail the name of the instructor, the duration of the driving lesson and the date and time of delivery of the driving lesson. If you disagree with the details in the email, you should contact ABC immediately, but in any event within 72 hours of the time and date of the email, to place the transaction in dispute. If you do not dispute the details within the specified time, then the instructor will automatically receive payment from your funds held in the Client Account for the driving lesson delivered.

  • In the event of a query or dispute about any aspect of your driving lessons or your instructor, you should contact ABC within the time frame detailed above and we will endeavour to resolve the issue promptly.




You can also pay for lessons by paying your instructor directly without involving ABC. Your instructor will confirm which payment methods they can accept. If you pay your instructor directly you should obtain a receipt. ABC does not accept any responsibility for any payments you make directly to your instructor.



ABC operates a “No Quibble Refund Guarantee”.  If you decide you no longer wish to have driving lessons through ABC, we will refund any funds remaining in your Client Account in line with the refund terms below, without charge.

For security reasons, any refund of your funds will be made back to the card from which the original payment was taken. If for any reason those card details have become invalid before any refund can be made, ABC reserves the right to verify the identity of the person requesting the refund and seek verification of the validity of any alternative card or bank account details provided by you.

Our “No Quibble Refund Guarantee” only applies to funds initially paid to ABC and held on your behalf in the Client Account.

Any funds paid directly to your instructor are not protected by this guarantee.

Funds paid to ABC for prepaid driving lessons to be provided by your instructor must be applied to driving lessons by you within six months of the date of your original payment to ABC. You acknowledge that after the expiry of this six month period, you will not be entitled to a refund of any funds not applied to driving lessons or to utilise these funds for booking further driving lessons. If, at any point during this six month period you determine that you do not wish to take any more of your prepaid driving lessons, you are entitled to a refund of the balance of your funds. To request a refund, contact ABC School of Motoring www.abcschoolofmotoring.co.uk e-mail infoabcdriving@gmail.com

You can only pay for driving lessons via the methods outlined above. You cannot pay for driving lessons via any other method and neither ABC nor your instructor accepts any liability for monies for lessons paid for by any other method than those outlined above. We do not for example arrange driving lessons through any social media channel or auction site or any other website. Where a partner promotion offers discounted lessons, a promotion code will be provided to enable you to purchase the discounted lessons on our website or through our contact centre.  If you are in any doubt about the validity of any offer you find, online or elsewhere, for driving lessons with an ABC instructor, please contact ABC School of Motoring for more information.




A booking fee of £5.00 (inc VAT) is payable for any lesson package including blocks of cash or gift vouchers purchased through ABC. We charge this fee to administer the booking process on your behalf between you and your instructor and to contribute to the cost of administering your funds in the Client Account.




You and your instructor are responsible for agreeing such matters as the timing, location and duration of individual driving lessons.

You must notify your instructor of any matters existing at any time that may affect your ability or entitlement to have driving lessons, for example, but not limited to, any lack, or loss, of a valid driving licence.

Your instructor cannot guarantee that they will be available each time you choose to request a driving lesson. It is your responsibility to agree and confirm the timing of lessons with your instructor.

Driving lesson prices vary throughout the UK and therefore the driving lesson prices quoted to you when you pay are only applicable in the postcode area the driving lesson was purchased for. If you subsequently choose to take a driving lesson in an alternative location, the prevailing driving lesson price in the new area could be different from the original driving lesson price quoted or paid. In such an event, the number of hours of driving lessons purchased will be adjusted up or down to reflect the change in driving lesson price.

The price per hour for driving lessons may change from time to time but other than in the circumstances noted immediately above in respect of a change of area for driving lesson delivery, driving lessons purchased prior to such a change will be delivered at the price originally paid.




You must give at least 24 hours’ notice to your instructor if you wish to cancel a booked driving lesson. Failure to do so will result in your instructor charging you the full amount for that driving lesson.

Any disputed transaction will be promptly and fully investigated by ABC. The result of the investigation will be communicated to both parties. No payment from your funds in your Client Account will be made to either party until the investigation has been completed to the satisfaction of ABC.




You cannot sell or transfer driving lessons which have been purchased in your name to any other person.


  • Driving lessons are only available to those who hold a driving licence valid in the UK.

  • Your instructor reserves the right to refuse to provide you with driving lessons or to cancel any driving lessons you have booked, if you fail to provide proof of an appropriate licence prior to your first driving lesson.

  • ABC does not guarantee that a specific instructor, vehicle, or driving lesson time will be available.




A short notice test is when there is two weeks or less from the date of the first planned driving lesson to the booked driving test date. Before making a booking or payment for a short notice test, please be aware of the following terms and conditions:

  • Booking of a Short Notice Test package consists of five hours’ worth of instructor and tuition vehicle time.

  • A deposit of £100.00 will be taken on the day along with the cost of the assessment drive. The £100.00 deposit will be refunded at the end of the assessment drive provided the vehicle has not been damaged in any way, for instance :-
  • Damage to wheels and tyres.
  • Bumps and dents to the bodywork of the vehicle.
  • During the first two hours you will be assessed by your instructor. If after the initial two hour assessment the instructor tells you that you are not ready for an attempt at your driving test, the instructor will not take you to that test.

  • If you need additional tuition prior to the test the instructor will explain this to you. You will need to be available for the time slots your instructor is available should you wish to take these driving lessons. If you cannot take the required hours prior to your test date, the instructor will not be able to take you for test.

  • You will need to pay for five hours of driving lessons prior to the first driving lesson commencing, which is not refundable if the instructor says you are not ready for test. The balance of your funds or hours can however be used for further driving lessons.

  • The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency stipulate that you need to give three clear working days to cancel your driving test. You may / will lose your Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency test fee if the instructor says you are not ready for your test dependent on the gap between your first driving lesson and the driving test.

  • If you change your mind after you have made a short notice test booking and wish to cancel your booking prior to the first lesson, our standard cancellation and refund terms and conditions apply with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice required prior to the first driving lesson.

  • This offer cannot be taken in conjunction with any other offer.

  • The driving lesson price is at the standard rate for driving lessons in the relevant postcode area.



Your instructor and /or ABC are not liable to you for any loss or damage caused where, and to the extent that:

  • There is no breach of a legal duty owed to you by the relevant person or body;

  • Such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of such a breach of a legal duty;

  • Any such loss or damage, or increase in the same, results from any breach or omission by you; or

  • Any such loss or damage results from circumstances or matters outside of the reasonable control of the relevant person or body.

Your instructor and /or ABC shall not, in any event, be liable for losses relating to any business interests you may have including, without limitation, lost profits, loss of opportunity or business or business interruption.

ABC is liable for any loss or damage you may incur which is caused directly as a result of any breach (including negligence) by ABC of any legal duty owed by ABC to you.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will affect any statutory rights you may have as a consumer.



Personal data, and/or information about you, that you provide to ABC and /or your instructor may be used to:

  • Identify you;

  • Help administer, and contact you about improved administration of, any accounts, services and products provided to you;

  • Trace debtors, recover debt, prevent and detect fraud, and to manage your accounts or insurance policies; and check your identity to prevent money laundering unless you give us other satisfactory proof of identity;

  • Carry out marketing analysis and customer profiling (including with transactional information) and create statistical and testing information;

  • Help identify accounts, services and /or products which we feel may be of interest to you. We may do this by automatic means using a scoring system, which uses the personal data and /or information you have provided, any information we hold about you, and information from third party agencies (including credit reference agencies);

  • Contact you in any way (including mail, email, phone, visit, text or multimedia messages) about products and services offered by us and selected partners.

  • Provide personal data and /or information that have been legitimately asked for by legal or regulatory bodies or where we are required to provide it as part of legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings.

  • We may monitor and record communications with you (including phone conversations and emails) for quality assurance, legal, compliance and training purposes.

  • We may check your details with fraud prevention agencies. If you provide false or inaccurate personal data and/or information and we suspect fraud, we will record this and may provide this information to fraud prevention agencies and other relevant authorities including the police.

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